December 2015 Update

This year was extremely busy for us. The Ebola crisis, which had virtually crippled this part of West Africa, brought us new challenges. Our field officers needed to put safety measures in place, our healthcare partners needed support with emergency equipment, and our other projects had to be looked after.

Though many other charities pulled out as a result of the Ebola epidemic, we remained and worked with our partners. In 2015 we sent out three 40ft containers of medical equipment, educational resources, tools and mobility aids to our partners in all four regions of the country.

How we got the resources to our partners in remote locations in Sierra Leone

Perhaps shipping items from the UK to Freetown in Sierra Leone is the easiest part of the job!! Getting the containers from Freetown to our distribution centre in Kenema, Eastern Sierra Leone is another ‘easy go’. Now the real business starts when transporting the resources from our distribution centre to our partners in remote locations.

This is how we do it:

This is why they call us ACTION NGO in Sierra Leone – because we dare!

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