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Eastern Freetown Area

In Eastern Freetown we have entered into a partnership with the Shell polio victims and amputees. The group has a large number of young, single mothers who are also disabled. Many young, female polio victims are single mothers who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the streets. Many rely on begging to… Read More>>

Central Freetown Area

One of the places where young, single mothers are concentrated is the Sierra Leone Women’s Prison in central Freetown.  The key reason for this concentration is the fact that many young, single mothers result to acquisitive theft or prostitution to get by. Under Sierra Leonean law prostitution comes under loitering and women are arrested and… Read More>>

December 2015 Update

This year was extremely busy for us. The Ebola crisis, which had virtually crippled this part of West Africa, brought us new challenges. Our field officers needed to put safety measures in place, our healthcare partners needed support with emergency equipment, and our other projects had to be looked after. Though many other charities pulled… Read More>>

Items from disused Gosport hospital sent to Africa to save lives

Portsmouth paper, The News reports on our work. October 2015. CLIVE HAMMOND 06:52 Tuesday 06 October 2015 Beds and office furniture have been cleared out of Royal Hospital Haslar to be shipped to Africa Two charities have been collecting the items to send to schools and hospitals The site is being redeveloped for housing,… Read More>>