Our Programmes

PTI-Supported Institutions and Groups

PTI works with over 60 institutions and groups on the provision of educational, healthcare, skills training, water and sanitation, and disability support services across Sierra Leone.

Educational Support Services Partners – Schools

  • Prince of Wales Secondary School for Boys
  • Vine Memorial Secondary School for Girls
  • Freetown Secondary School for Girls
  • Anne Walsh Memorial Secondary School for Girls
  • The Albert Academy – Boys
  • Government Model Secondary School – Mixed
  • Rokel Secondary School – Mixed
  • Methodist Girls High School
  • Methodist Boys High School

Southern Region

  • Christ the King College Secondary School
  • Bo School
  • Methodist Primary School – Bo
  • Methodist Secondary School – Bo
  • Haikal – Primary – Bo
  • Haikal Secondary School – Bo
  • Harford School for Girls – Moyamba
Bo School in Southern Sierra Leone receiving high-quality textbooks.

Eastern Region

  • Methodist Secondary School – Kenema
  • Agricultural Secondary School – Bunumbu
  • Pendembu Vocational Secondary School – Pendembu
  • Njaluahun Methodist Secondary School – Segbwema
  • Methodist Secondary School – Kailahun
  • Global Academy Pre- and Primary School – Kenema
  • Eastern Polytechnic Practicing School – Bunumbu
  • Baoma Primary School – Baoma Peje
  • Manowa Primary School – Manowa
  • Methodist Primary School – Kailahun
  • MSSK – Kailahun
  • Holy Ghost Secondary School, Segbwema
  • Westley Secondary School, Segbwema
  • Islamic Secondary School, Kenema
  • Trinity Secondary School, Kenema
  • K-School, Kenema
  • HRSS for Girls, Kenema
Methodist Secondary School, Kenema, receiving science lab equipment in addition to over 1000 new science textbooks.

Healthcare Support Services Partners across Sierra Leone

  • National Midwifery School – Freetown
  • Orla During Hospital for Children – Freetown
  • COMAHS (College of Medicine and Allied Health Science) – Freetown
  • Connaught Hospital Nursing Training School – Freetown
  • Services Nursing School, 34 Military Hospital – Freetown
  • Sussex Community Clinic – Freetown
  • Nixon Memorial Hospital and Nursing Training School – Segbwema
  • Fulawahun Health Clinic and Maternity – Bo
  • Peje-Baoma Peripheral Health Centre and Maternity – Peje-Boama
  • Manowa Peripheral Health Centre and Maternity – Manowa
  • Kenema Government Hospital – Kenema
  • Bo Government Hospital – Bo
  • Njalah University – Bo
34 Military Hospital receiving cutting-edge medical textbooks.

Disability Support Services Partners

  • United Polio Brothers and Sisters – Freetown
  • Mobility Sierra Leone – Bo
  • Opportunity Training Center (OTC) – Kenema


  • Women’s Prison – Freetown
  • Pademba Road Prison – Freetown
  • Approved School (Young Offenders’ Institute) – Freetown
  • Kenema Women’s Prison – Kenema
Skills training support services at Approved School in Freetown.

Skills Training Support Services Partners

  • Hopanda Women’s Development Association – Freetown (skills training for women generally and especially for young, single mothers)
  • No2 River Community – Freetown (new school for stone-breaking children and for conservation education
  • Several smaller community groups and individuals in the Western Area, Southern and Eastern Regions

Water and Sanitation Provision in Partnership with Christian Engineers in Development (CED)

  • Proposed borehole project for Bombali village in Gbonko Kassongha, Lungi, Northern Sierra Leone, in partnership with Christian Engineers in Development (CED)
  • Proposed gravity-feed water for Manowa, Eastern Sierra Leone, in partnership with Christian Engineers in Development (CED)
  • Proposed water and sanitation work in Rotifunk, Southern Sierra Leone, in partnership with Christian Engineers in Development (CED)


We have supported over 200 community and school sports teams. We deliver athletics and football kits in the Western Area, Southern and Eastern Regions.

Kit support comes from leading football teams across the Premier League, Championship and other leagues. Don’t worry – we have Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Brighton, Cardiff, and many more onboard.

These are exciting Times for us