Case Study 1

My name is Jalikatu Sesay, and this is my story. Before I met Practical Tools Initiative, I was doing business on the streets, but it was not a big business. I could not even save up to Le 10,000 (£1.00) a day from the items I was selling – until one day, may God bless that day, I came in contact with Practical Tools Initiative. We met at Lumley (Freetown), and they asked me a few questions. I thought they wanted to buy from me, not knowing that they were God-sent. That very day, I was very stressed, because I had lost over Le 50,000 (£5.00) from my business money and I was wondering where I was going to get the money to buy my goods the next day.

Then Practical Tools Initiative came to my rescue; they gave me some goods which I was able to sell that same day. After I sold the goods, they gave me a call to tell me that the money was mine. The money I got from selling the goods Practical Tools Initiative gave me tripled my business. Today, I am grateful to God, and give a special thank you to Practical Tools Initiative for giving me the help I needed all this while. Because of that help from Practical Tools Initiative, I can now boast of having my own bank account where I save my money.